Our Coverings

We can create tarps for any application. Have a look at the work we have done.

Return LOCK or ratchet/strap tie down tarp kits are available for ANY v-box or farm wagon.


* FULLY WELDED 1/8" aluminum end caps.
* HD adjustable galvanized cross bow supports and mounting brackets.
* Center pocket in tarp with 1" ridge pipe gives extra support for water runoff.
* 2" ratchets and straps on tie down system.
* 22OZ PVC fabric in a variety of colors to choose from.
* ALL tubing and parts including crank are galvanized to reduce corrosion.

Small adjustments over our many years of experience has created a 100% waterproof
tarp kit that avoids wear spots and provides a long lasting roll tarp system for your v-boxes and farm wagons.

Call for pricing and availability for a quality "TIESMA TARP"

The bins keep getting bigger. The amount of grain you can move with a buggy encourages many farmers to have a tarp fastened to them. Leave the buggy in the field, get that one last load for the night. A return lock tarp system is hassle free and will keep the load dry.

There are many types, styles, and brands of grain buggys and our tarp kits are custom made to fit yours.

* Fully welded 1/8" aluminum end caps (no rivets or caulking)
* ALL galvanized tubes, crossbows, crank, and brackets
* 22 oz PVC tarp in a variety of colors
* 2 extra support pipes in the tarp that roll away

Call for more information and pricing to put a "TIESMA TARP" on your buggy!

Just a replacement tarp or starting fresh on a topless trailer, we can make your tarp system the way you want it. Dump trailers, hopper bottom, live bottom, we can install a kit or customize your trailer EXACTLY how you want it. Our in house fabricated parts or replacement parts from other suppliers are available. You have options such as extra support bars, heavier reinforcements, different tie methods, aluminum, or steel, etc. We carry many products from Shur-Co, Michels, Cramero, Roll Rite and Elcargo tarp systems making our company ready to repair or replace any tarp product. Call today for more information and pricing.

Complete tarp systems available for fertilizer spreaders and tender delivery boxes and wagons.

Return lock or ratchet tie down.
Flop top tarp kits are often used by fertilizer companies because of easy operating of the tarp equipment. A very simple pull of a crossbar opens and closes the tarp. Another benefit is the 4 bolts that hold the entire system on your box, which allows for easy removal to clean and year end maintenance.
This style should always be in the closed position when on the road. You can choose from stainless steel or painted steel frames and of course a variety of different vinyl colors.

Heavy duty door solutions available.
Electric power lift, chain fall, or roll up.

We have built a large variety of custom curtains and divider walls for agricultural and industrial customers. There are many different types to choose from including clear vinyl drive through curtains or built with pipe pockets to roll up . Every curtain will be custom built with competitive pricing. If you have a need for a custom curtain or wall, give us a call and we would be glad to offer our suggestions or just give you a free quote.

Need more room for equipment storage, permanent bale storage barn,or small animal shelter ?
Or could it be to protect a car from the rain and snow?

Our heavy duty (AFFORDABLE) structures are the answer . We have many different styles and standard sizes to choose from or we could supply a customized structure. Frames made of 3"x1" fully galvanized tubing and have been engineered for wind and snow load. We also offer different COLORS AND WEIGHTS OF COVERINGS.

Call us for more information on installations and pricing options.

We carry many different standard sizes of bale tarps ranging from 15' x 54' to 33' x 48'. We use a heavy duty "silver/black" woven poly fabric with a rope hem all around. Triple reinforced webbing loops down the side with reinforced grommets on front and back. Keep these tarps tight and you can use them year after year.Often these tarps are used on short term projects .

This is where Tiesma Industrial Coverings began over 15 years ago. We are able to manufacture new or repair most any type of fabric. From holes in the cover to repairing a torn seam. We look forward to tackling any repair project that you may encounter.

Travel covers, mooring covers, or storage covers, are all available, We have built many fine custom fit covers for different styles of boats. There are many options available for your custom manufactured boat cover, including type of material, color and design. Our boat covers meet the same criteria as any other tarps manufactured in our facility, BUILT TO LAST.

Utility trailers are used in many different applications. It is our job and challenge to create a tarp system that will be as efficient as the trailer itself. At our facility we have the equipment and staff to make this happen. We can build full frame supports and a custom fit cover to make your trailer work the way you need it to. There may be a need for a roll up back/side door, or clear windows or hundreds of other options available. MADE TO FIT, BUILT TO LAST
Call us today and let us know what you need your trailer to do.

A simple roll open type of tarp is still the most popular and simple tarp enclosure used today on the general use truck body. Special attention must always be given to the rear door type, double doors, lifting or side swing style. Let us know what would be the easiest covering to have on your truck
body and we will be happy to help get this in place for you.. GET A WATER PROOF TOP THAT WILL LAST FOR YEARS!! "TIESMA TARP"

We take pride in all of our custom jobs. This always keeps us thinking of new ideas and makes us strive to be better each and every time.

Call us with your idea, chances are we can build it.